Thank You To a Veteran

Thank You, To a Veteran

Thank You, To a Veteran

Author – Melanie Nemetz

As a thank you to our veterans, I wanted to share with you a personal experience I recently had.  A co-worker of mine, Perry Toro, recently returned from service in Afghanistan.  Another agent in our office, as well a a few other Visionary Property Realty  agents, helped take care of his business while he was away serving.  Rebecca Rodgers with imortgage, coordinated and sent care packages to Perry.

The day came when Perry sent an email sharing when he would be returning home.  I had my children prepare Welcome Home banners.  Five of us went to the airport to welcome him home!  We all wore our black and white Visionary Property shirts.  Once we arrived at the designated greeting point in the airport, it became clear how BIG this greeting would be.  Local news media and their cameras and camera crews were there.  A great deal of focus was on one, young family.

Young Family

Young Family, waiting for Dad

There was a family with 2 young girls, waiting to see Dad.   Here we had come to meet Perry and this amazing family stole our hearts.  There wasn’t a DRY EYE and it felt like an honor to witness this special reunion.  I never did get their names but I am forever changed by this experience.  Watch the video of their emotional reunion:  Video of Dad’s return from Afghanistan.

Media and banners

Media and banners

Perry was grateful we were there to meet him.  His (adult) children and his grandchildren were there as well.  The following week, Visionary Properties held a welcome back party for Perry!

Perry Toro - THANK YOU for your service

Perry Toro – THANK YOU for your service

Perry, thank you for your service!  I am honored to know you and to have been a part of your welcome home.  Thank you!






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