School is out May 21st

School is out May 21st

School is out May 21st

Author:  Melanie Nemetz

Nothing gets my heart beating fast like hearing the words, school is out May 21st.  However, May 21st will come next week, whether I am ready or not!  I have the kids enrolled in a sport 2X a week, first thing in the morning,  Ms Tina will be teaching them, again, on the swim team through TNT Divas.  They will practice at the Power Ranch, Ranch House pool.  TNT Divas does such an amazing job teaching the kids the various strokes, diving, flip turns, turning their heads – basically all the techniques they need to become better swimmers.

Question is, what else should the kids do…?  My son would really like to play in the summer band as well as enroll in the robotics class.  However, the school has these 2 classes scheduled an hour apart.  The reality is, I can’t go back and forth 4X a day for activities and be expected to work.    But just like all other parents out there, I will figure it out.


As a Realtor, I have the flexibility to set hours that work well for me and my family, while still providing the utmost service to my clients.  When you work with me, as some point in time, you meet my family.  That is just how that goes and I love it!

How about you?  What are your plans for your kiddos this summer?  Hopefully you will be staying busy but also squeeze in a vacation as well.

Summer is a busy time in real estate.  Busy is good so I will take that all day long!

Happy Summer!

As always, if you or someone you know, are buying or selling a home, call Melanie Nemetz at (480) 221-3034 “Fostering Relationships – Helping a child into a home with a donation from each closing”

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