4 Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale

4 Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale

Part 1 of a 4 Part Series on 4 Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale

Author:  Melanie Nemetz

Part 1 of 4 part series, 4 Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale is here!  Whether you, or someone you know, is considering listing a home for sale, there are many steps a homeowner should take PRIOR to listing their home for sale.

Part 1 of 4

Part 1 of 4

It may seem obvious BUT, STEP ONE IS:

Consult a PROFESSIONAL Realtor that has experience converting a home into a house for sale.

For most, meeting with a Realtor IS step one.  I can’t emphasize this enough though.  Take serious consideration of WHO you select.  It is heart breaking for me to see listings in the MLS that are poorly marketed, lousy pictures that don’t come close to showcasing the home, and then there is the dreaded – the listing agent not only doesn’t answer the phone, they don’t return the call!!!!  Ok, my vent is over, I promise!    All of this is a major reflection on the seller.  I will go into depth in the future on this topic but for now, understand this is CRUCIAL in successfully selling your home!   What is the SINGLE best way to find a quality REALTOR – by referral!

Equally important in finding a Realtor is one that truly understands the conversion of your “home” to a “house for sale”.  There is a HUGE difference between the two and honestly, this is where most sellers miss the mark!   We have all seen a plethora of HGTV shows by now.  These shows are good, but they limit the exposure of the true process.  Often I hear a seller say to me, “We have bought and sold 8+ homes, so we know what we are doing”.  GREAT!  However, if that was the experience I came in boasting about, I can guarantee your confidence in me would drop to the floor.  I have sold hundreds of homes and yet I continue to learn from each transaction!

Back to this point of converting the home to a house for sale.  Imagine going into a model home.   What if there was mess in the fridge, clutter on the bathroom counter, and you could barely make sense of the storage system in the house, or worse, the carpets smell of PEE!! Would you still find it appealing?  Maybe, but it would be a different experience.  Home builders get the “house for sale” part right with the way the homes present.  They make the models comfortable, show that the home is livable, but also make it incredibly obvious that it is a “home for sale”.

Now you have a good referral (to me, right).  🙂  Then you know that I have experience in marketing the “house for sale”.  So, what is next?  Stay tuned tomorrow for the 2nd part of the 4 part series of MUST DO’s when listing your home for sale.

As always, if you or someone you know, are buying or selling a home, call Melanie Nemetz at (480) 221-3034 “Fostering Relationships – Helping a child into a home with a donation from each closing”

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