Living, Loving, Supporting in Power Ranch

Living, Loving, Supporting in Power Ranch

Author – Melanie Nemetz

Living, Loving, Supporting

Living, loving, supporting in Power Ranch – what does that mean, really?  To me, it means my home isn’t just a home.  It is a home in a neighborhood with neighbors that I call friends.  It is means there is give and take, as there is in any relationship.  I have had 2 neighbors who have battled cancer.  As a neighborhood, we did our best to support each one through such a journey.  It involved scheduling meals to deliver, sending cards, emails, texts, and phone calls, to stand with them through their fight.

What does this mean to me?

Personally, I am able to share that when I became a (foster) parent, both my children arrived the same day.  I had not had a baby shower (hard to plan that with fostering).  I did not have ANYTHING other than bedroom furniture to offer the children.  My neighbors came by, one by one, bringing toys, meals, and gifts.  One even surprised me leaving hot chocolate by the front door.  What a thoughtful gesture and treat for the kids!  Given it was 2 weeks before Christmas, it was wonderful to have this level of support from my neighbors and friends close by.

Simply supporting the lemonade sale

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend.  My daughter informed me Sunday that she wanted to sell lemonade on Monday.  Blazing hot temperatures made me re-think this traditional lemonade stand as I did not want to sit outside in 100+ degrees and hope people would come by.  The sales person in me got to thinking…how could she sell lemonade proactively?  Well, the only other way that made sense in our heat – take pre-orders along with knocking on doors.  We had 3 pre-orders and sold the remaining lemonade along the way.  She had a productive and successful 30 minutes of sales and was so thrilled with her results!

Now, would she have been as successful if we didn’t know our neighbors?  We wouldn’t have had any pre-orders.  They wouldn’t have had any notice that we were coming.  One even reached out to let me know they weren’t home, so we knew to spend our time elsewhere.

Neighborhood encouragement

Experiences like these come as a result of truly acting like a neighborhood, like a community that cares about one another.  I am not sure who had more fun with the lemonade sale, my daughter (and her crew of her brother and cousin), her dad and me or those who bought the lemonade.  The smiles from neighbors was encouraging.  Each neighbor bought lemonade, more than they wanted I am sure, but some also tipped her (which she asked about afterwards and imagine her smile as she began to understand the concept of earning a tip).

I truly love my neighborhood.   I have lived here for 9 1/2 years.  Given I was a Sales Associate for the builder in our community, I got to really know people before they closed on their home and then I closed on mine!   I still remember being brought friendship bread shortly after we moved in, by someone I had sold a home to.  How blessed am I to have these types of experiences right here in my own neighborhood!

Living, loving, supporting in Power Ranch doesn’t happen over night.  It happens over years of being neighbors and building friendships.  I am grateful for my neighbors and the friendships we have had over the years.  Thank you!


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