The Great Referral Retrace

The Great Referral Retrace

The Great Referral Retrace

Author:  Melanie Nemetz

The Great Referral Retrace is a part of the home sale transaction that brings me pure JOY.  It takes place after the closing of my client’s home.  I sit down and write out each and every person that is responsible for referring my client to me.  Given I work by referral and have for many years, it is always fun for me to see how deep the referral runs on each transaction.

The referral for this sale runs back many years.  The person responsible for originating the referral is a former New Home Sales co-worker of mine.  We also became friends outside of work.  Back in 2007, she referred her brother and his wife to me.  I helped them into a new build home, that they are still in.  Recently, they contacted me to sell her mom’s home.

The emotional side of this sale was challenging.  She did not want to move but it was time to transition into a different style of living, where she could get the daily support she needed.  It was emotional for the family.  On the transaction side of things, it went quite well.  She followed my advice, although she didn’t really want to.  We spent 4-5 weeks prepping the home for sale.

It was time to list the home for sale, and 4 days later, we had an offer for OVER list price.  After a slight counter offer, it was accepted and her home was in escrow.  After a smooth transaction, I had the pleasure of meeting with her near the end of the entire process.  She baked a cake, offered me a slice and I happily obliged, even though it was 10am.  🙂  When we said our goodbyes, she gave me a hug!  How could I ask for more?

Closed home:  Referred by a referral

Closed home: Referred by a referral

In the end, the sale goes back to a dear friend.  She has lived out of state now for many years but we remain friends.  I am so grateful she thought of me initially and her referral led to another referral.  Thank you dear friend, you know who you are.

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