First Day of School at Power Ranch & Centennial Schools

The long-awaited day has arrived – The First Day of School for Power Ranch Elementary and Centennial Elementary.  Wow.  The first day jitters, the excitement, what clothes to wear on the first day of school, and new backpacks.  The kids were so excited to see their friends yet so nervous to be in a new classroom!

Did you know Power Ranch Elementary has a new front office!  Have you seen it yet?  It was quite the remodel.  When things settle down, I will see if they will allow me to post a picture in my blog.

This year, both my kiddos are entering unique classroom settings.  One has the same teacher from 2 years ago – we couldn’t be more thrilled.  The other is in a unique setting and while there is a new teacher, there are support staff that are returning.  All of this got me thinking, send the teachers a first day of school gift!

pencil gift

If you have ever volunteered in an elementary classroom, you could agree that there are never enough sharpened pencils.  I hope they all enjoy their first day of school.

Happy 2014-2015 school year to The Power Ranch Panthers and The Centennial Cardinals!

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