A Day In My Life

A Day In My Life

A Day In My Life

Author: Melanie Nemetz

This morning was a smooth morning and certainly better than yesterday morning!  It was a rough day in our household yesterday.  But this morning was quiet, calm, everyone was on time – everything a mom could want out of a morning.  Out of the blue, my daughter says she wishes we still had 3 dogs.  My response, “3 is too many for me”.  Then, she surprised me with, “I wish we still had Jack and Maggie”.  UGH!  Tears immediately filled my eyes.  I was barely able to reply with “Me too, me too”.

I saw both kids off to school.  I prepared paperwork for a face to face meeting with a client, an elderly client.  I just saw her yesterday for the signing of her closing paperwork, however, the title company sent revised paperwork and it required her signature today.   While I was there yesterday, she talked about a cake that she could make in 10 minutes, in the microwave.  Chocolate cake none the less-yum!  Today, when I arrived, she had made the cake,  She kindly and proudly served me a piece.  I gladly indulged this delicious piece of chocolate cake, at 10am!  😉  The paperwork literally only took 2 minutes.  I left an hour and 15 minutes later.  There is something about her generation, where she is living, and the way she speaks of her past that so fondly reminds me of my Grandma.  My Grandma is long gone, so I savored this time with my client today.  The cake was a kind gesture and touched my heart.

Afterwards, I stopped to pick up a 1099 I needed prepared.  I chose a company that I hadn’t worked with before but the owner is someone from a networking group I am a part of.  This company is Accounting Services by ACP, Jessica Eichenberg.  She was prompt, knowledgeable, and thorough.  She walked me through what I needed to do with each form.  She had 3 staff members there, one of whom I recognized from the meetings.  This is a new experience but so far, I feel comfortable recommending her.

Next, I went to my office at Visionary Properties.  I prepared a copy of the final HUD 1 for each of my client’s from their closings from last year.  I will mail this to my each client and it enables my client to have the form readily available to provide their tax adviser.   I drafted a personal letter that accompanies each one.  I did some regular paperwork for my properties that are currently in escrow, one closing tomorrow.  Lead follow up, miscellaneous emails, and phone calls concluded my time in the office.

At 2:00, I went to another client’s home.  We chatted for a bit at the front door.  I knew their dog just had puppies but it wasn’t until I heard a cry that I realized little, tiny, one week old puppies were only foot steps away!  Yes, I held one.  Mamma immediately had to check me out.  She quickly decided her baby was safe with me and returned to the other puppies.  I chatted more with my client.  We discussed looking at homes some time next week.   She graciously referred her neighbor to me but informed me today that she learned they already have a Realtor.

My daily work routine always hit pause at 3:05.  This is when I pick my daughter up from school.  It is my choice to do so.  Today, she had an after school activity so I picked her up at 4:00.  Meanwhile, my son arrived home at 3:30.  Back when we were fostering, I made a commitment that I would be home after school as often as possible.  The beauty of my job is that I can create my own hours.  The downside of my job is that I can create my own hours….wait, what?  Yes, it has it’s downside.  There is only one downside and it is that I struggle to “turn it off”.  It is currently 8:15 and I am blogging.

Eventually, at 4:15, both kids were home.  I piled them and our 2 Golden Retrievers in the car and off we went to my listing that closes tomorrow.  I needed to put the remainder of the keys, garage opener, etc inside the home for the buyer.  The home is vacant and the seller was not able to drive to the home, so I was happy to do this for her.  The kids and dogs stayed in the car.  I left the keys, etc as well as a small thank you for the buyers.

We got home and I made meatballs and rolls for dinner.  Before I knew it, their bedtime had crept upon me.  I tucked each one in, the way they like it.  One prefers a song every night, the other likes a hug and no kiss.  But, I find a way to sneak in a kiss and, well, secretly, I know he loves it!

Then, I realized my heat had not turned off in a while.  Somehow, it got up to 80 degrees.  Let’s leave it that I am a bit concerned something may be wrong with the unit.  Time will tell.

I sat at my computer, caught up on emails as even a couple hours away from email feels like forever for me, unfortunately.  Electronically filed some paperwork and well, here I am!  Tomorrow morning starts with my daughter’s dance performance during their monthly assembly.  She has BEGGED me to come.  I promised if I got my work done tonight, I would come.   I have phone calls that I need to return tomorrow morning.  I have a client meeting at 9:30 at one of my favorite local meeting places, Egg I Am.  I have a closing in the afternoon and all the preparations are complete.  I am ready for FRIDAY!

My husband has been out of town all week and arrives home in a couple of hours.  This girl is ready for date night tomorrow night followed by the weekend.   The last thing I will do before I shut work down for the night, is review my schedule for tomorrow.  I am looking forward to my client meeting in the morning and finish the business day with a closing.  As I review my day and prepare for tomorrow, I am feeling blessed.  Nite, nite.

As always, if you or someone you know, are buying or selling a home, call Melanie Nemetz at (480) 221-3034 “Fostering Relationships – Helping a child into a home with a donation from each closing”

2 thoughts on “A Day In My Life

  1. Kristen

    Sounds like a busy but wonderful day full of people you enjoy spending time with, both professionally and personally! It’s so nice to be able to set your own schedule but there are definitely times that it kicks me in the butt and backfires on me. 😉 Hope you have the awesome relaxing weekend that you deserve!

    1. Melanie Nemetz Post author

      Thank you Kristen! I should have added that I received proofs of precious photos of my Golden Girls, courtesy of Kristen Carter Photography! It was the highlight of my night. 🙂 You certainly know about the schedule and hours, that is for sure. I hope you have a great weekend as well.


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