4 Must Do’ s When Listing Your Home For Sale – Part 4

4 Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale – Part 4

4 Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale – Part 4

Author:  Melanie Nemetz

Step one:  Consult a PROFESSIONAL Realtor that has experience converting a home into a house for sale

Step two:  Understand it is, and plan for it to be, a process

Step three:  Proceed

Step four: Remove the emotions

Quite honestly, removing the emotions is going to be the single most challenging step of selling your home.   Everyone, and I do mean everyone, gets attached to their home.  It is “their” home with “their” cabinets, “their” paint color, “their” selections and decor all throughout the home.  It is only natural to feel attached.  It is also normal for the attachment to the home, to rear it’s ugly head.

Why keep the emotion out of it?  At this point, you are going through a process.  Being proud of your home can hinder your ability to see it’s true value.  It can also cloud your judgement in preparing the home for sale.   Many times, sellers have asked me to guide them through placement of decor, paint color, etc.  In the first few minutes, they are still onboard.  however, within 5 minutes, I can see them glaze over.  This is when the emotion kicked in and logic went out the door!  The same can be said for pricing the home.  Do you want to be prideful or do you want to sell your home?  Do you want your home to sit on the market for an excess period of time, or do you truly want to sell it?

Emotions -vs - Logic

Emotions -vs – Logic

How do you keep the emotion out of the process?  It will literally require a mental shift in your head.  It goes back to converting a “home” into a “house for sale”.  If you keep in mind that living in a “house for sale” is completely and 100% different than living in a “home”, it will become easier.  No one is trying to judge your home.  Instead, see this as an opportunity to make the home appeal to multiple types of buyers.  The BEST and most effective way to do this is to neutralize the home.  I have touched on this a bit already with discussing a neutral color palette, strategically placing decor, and much more.  Focus on knowing buyers have endless homes they can view right now.  How can you best make yours memorable?  You don’t want it to be for that ultra unique paint color you selected.

Emotional Sellers

Emotional Sellers

The benefit of keeping emotions out of the process?  A smoother, faster transaction that will maximize your sale price.  If this, alone, isn’t appealing enough, it may be time to re-evaluate what you are trying to accomplish.

This concludes the 4 part series of Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale.  I hope this has been a helpful series for you.  I would appreciate hearing your feedback.  Has this helped you?  If so, in what way?

Are you thinking about selling your home?  I would be honored to meet with you and discuss your home and how I can best showcase the home for sale to maximize your sales price!  If you are thinking about listing your home anytime in the next 6 months, contact me ASAP.  As you have just read, it takes planning and preparation so be sure to allow time for these necessary steps.  Call Melanie today at (480) 221-3034.

As always, if you or someone you know, are buying or selling a home, call Melanie Nemetz at (480) 221-3034 “Fostering Relationships – Helping a child into a home with a donation from each closing”

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