4 Must Do’ When Listing Your Home For Sale – Part 3

4 Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale – Part 3

4 Must Do’s When Listing Your Home For Sale – Past 3

Author: Melanie Nemetz

Step one:  Consult a PROFESSIONAL Realtor that has experience converting a home into a house for sale”.

Step two:  Understand it is, and plan for it to be, a process

Now, Step three:  Proceed

This is where all that expertise and planning comes into play.  By now, you have planned and outsourced and the preparation should be well underway and almost complete.  The next step is to proceed with getting the home on the market.  I will walk you through the steps in between finalizing  the preparation and day 1 on the market.  Everything in a home has its place, or it should.  I can prepare a checklist for you to utilize each day.  It will include what to do before you walk out of the door each morning to have the home show ready.  Showcasing the home’s organizational system, showing off clean floors and counter tops, sun beaming through the windows (because the windows AND the screens are clean) and specific placement of décor makes a home show well.

Day 1 on the market is fast approaching

Day 1 on the market is fast approaching

Day one on the market is a few days away.  What should a homeowner be focused on?  I recommend the following, in this order:  Declutter, clean, paint, clean, stage, clean, welcome mat, clean, windows, clean.  Then, clean!  OK, so most of this was already done as part of the process.  But the point is to stay on track and clean along the way.  WHAT IF, play along with me here, what if, you went to a model home.  Their hours are 10am-6pm.  They KNOW, without a doubt, a buyer will come through after 10am.  BUT, say they decided to make bacon for breakfast.  Then, they were in a rush and forgot to pick up after themselves.  There are dishes in the sink, bacon grease left out, a dirty towel on the bathroom floor and the pool is filthy!  There is also a mop bucket out and a bedroom that is half painted?  REALLY?  Would this be ok?  No, not in a million years.  You would seriously wonder who was running  the show.  Realistically, how is this any different than viewing an individual’s home?  It may not be fair to expect the perfection we see in model homes, but effort!  Effort is expected.   This also goes back to converting the “home” into a “house for sale”.  Living in a home is night and day different than living in a house for sale.

I kid you not, I showed a home recently with dog feces on the floor of the master bedroom.  YUCK!  No one wants to see that, I mean no one!  The hidden message is, I am too lazy to pick up after my dog and yes, you can translate that into me being a lazy homeowner when it comes to maintenance.  UGH.  Then, again, real life experiences here, put your toys away.  I don’t just mean the kids toys.  I am trying to avoid saying it but we don’t want to see how you two adults engage each other personally.  We really don’t!  I am continually amazed at how I can watch value of the home rapidly decrease in the eyes of the buyer, when they have to overcome these issues.

The last thing I, as the Realtor, do prior to listing the home in the MLS, is hire a professional photographer.  Then, I try to view the photos as though I have never seen the home before.   Keep in mind, this may be the ONLY thing the potential buyer may ever see of your home.  Should I be using my own camera, or the homeowner their own camera?  No.  An expert photographer knows details I don’t.  Why would I think I know better them him/her?  I don’t.  In fact, I trust their expertise.  I even pay close attention to the order I place the photos in the MLS.  This needs to tell a story, of the layout and personality of the home.  Again, if this is all the buyer may EVER see, let it be amazing!  To summarize, I will proceed with maximizing the ability to showcase your home.  Your job is to help me do that by keeping it clean, decluttered, odor free, and just be overall ready for a buyer!

Keep calm, you got this!

Keep calm, you got this!

To put it plainly,  with the right professional Realtor, a thorough and detailed plan, a seller can proceed to list their home and be able to the plan for success in selling.

I have had homeowners follow my advise and others who chose not to or due to circumstances, weren’t able to.  When all of these steps are completed, it is truly amazing to be a part of the process and see how happy and satisfied the seller is with their offer(s).

Questions for me on your own home?  I am always available for you and your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.  I reviewed my sales from last year and my sale were all Repeat business or Referral.  There is a reason for this and I am so blessed!

As always, if you or someone you know, are buying or selling a home, call Melanie Nemetz at (480) 221-3034 “Fostering Relationships – Helping a child into a home with a donation from each closing”



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